The company

We pride a 40-year expertise in both translation and interpretation. It is not a mere coincidence that the brand name TSERTSIDI is now interwoven with QUALITY TRANSLATION. Our skills are based on multi-year studies as well as on long residency in many foreign countries.
We established our headquarters in the capital of Greece, Athens. This strategic position allows us to have direct access to any language. Besides leveraging the advantage of our location, we successfully employ what we like to call our "Wal-Mart strategy" which focuses on building and maintaining good relationships with our customers and suppliers so that prices are always competitive. We employ the best technical resources available on the market and put them to work toward our goal.

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The historical profile of the TSERTSIDIS companies

The TSERTSIDIS Translation Firm was established by Mr Michael Tsertsidis, holder of the Translation Diploma for the English language issued by the Greek Institute of London, a Certified Interpreter of Swedish recognised by the Swedish Ministry of Commerce, an Official Translator of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, graduate of Social and Political Sciences from the Uppsala University of Sweden and Graduate Professor of Interpreting from the WIK and Katrineberg Schools of Sweden.
EleftheriosTsertsidis holds a Translation Diploma for the English language issued by the Greek Institute of London, is a graduate Economist from the London Metropolitan University, a member of the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Professional Translators and an experienced second generation translator who is now continuing the operations of the TSERTSIDIS Translation Firm.

Our approach

Adapt to our
customer's needs.

Motivated by a high sense of transparency and corporate responsibility, the TSERTSIDIS firm informs the customer in advance about each combination and type of service, so that there are no unexpected surprises. Our firm charges per word translated that keeps the costs low and the quality at the highest possible level.

All of our associates have signed a confidentiality agreement so that customers feel secure and sure about the documents they have entrusted to us. The TSERTSIDIS firm is certified by the largest organisation, BUREAUVERITAS under ISO 9001:2015 and ΕΝ ISO 15038:2006 for the quality of services. The firm has also been a member of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Translators since 2010.

We have accumulated tremendous and vast experience through our long-term presence in the field of “Hellenizing” translations. We have translated a diverse range of subjects from video games up to projects in the millions of words for companies such as IBM, CITI, EUROBANK, and many others that present huge challenges and difficulties, by paying the required attention to the uniqueness and requirements of each project that is assigned to us.

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