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E. Tsertsidis & CO E.E., a member of the Vocational Chamber of Athens, the Greek Swedish Chamber of Commerce, and the Hellenic Association of Professional Translators, has a long presence of exceptional reputation for quality commitment in the field of certified translations and interpretations. We place at your command a devoted staff of qualified scientists of all disciplines trained as top-notch professional translators and interpreters.

Our long experience know-how, technical expertise, and passion for quality and perfection in cost-effective fast customer services, has been the privilege of a great number of our international and domestic clients in the public and private sectors, dealing with a wide variety of translations projects, in business, commercial, financial, medical, legal, technical, scientific, art and literary works.

Paying the due and special attention to the unique character of each project at hand, we have been dealing with all types of documents such as:

Essays, papers, books, press articles, e-books and e-zines, tapes, films, videos, CDs, Web presentations and software packages. We deliver in any preferable method such as: mail, fax, email or personal delivery, in any preferable form such as: printout, magnetic tape, video tape, computer disk or CD.

We are ready and proud to fulfill any and all of your translations needs, wishes or inspiration.