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Two generations of translators

The TSERTSIDIS Translation Firm has become identified with Quality Translations after the presence of many years in the sector. Over all these years we have undertaken a huge number of translations for all types of texts. We do not use machine translation programs. All of our translations are performed by experienced human hands with the due care.

 We have translated a diverse range of subjects and large scale projects for companies such as IBM, CITI, EUROBANK, and many others, which present huge challenges and difficulties.

Competitive prices

Competitive prices

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Free quotes

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Urgent translations

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Commercial translations

Success on the global markets dictates that you speak the native language and culture of your customers. We comprehend that it’s not just about translating words but adapting your product to the linguistic and cultural demands of your global markets.

Translations in education

Studies indicate that education and e-learning in the student’s native language has a higher chance of being effective and achieving the desired results. We translate educational books and manuals aimed at obtaining the best performance with a full understanding of their content by your students.

Translations in the Energy sector

The energy industry deals with a dynamic global market and we are here to assist you build global alliances and create opportunities for your company. EL. TSERTSIDIS & ASSOCIATES L.P. ensures that your content published in foreign languages is well accepted by your international target audience.

Financial translations

What you require is a language partner with a wide range of experience and expertise in the sector. Our innovative language solutions and in-depth knowledge in your sector provide you with the capacity to link up with new clients, enter new markets and create relations. Your content needs to be linked to your multilingual audience in a suitable manner.

Legal translations

EL. TSERTSIDIS & ASSOCIATES L.P. is one of the most reliable partners for legal translation services in Greece. We provide solutions for various documents of a complex legal nature adapted to the specific needs and requirements that meet even the most urgent deadlines. Our aim is to satisfy your specific needs and requirements of a complex legal content.

Medical translations

With its long-term experience and expertise in the Medical translations sector, EL. TSERTSIDIS & ASSOCIATES L.P. has produced a large number of medical translations for individuals, leading hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Medical translations are a highly specialised field and require translators that have experience in the medical field and medical terminology.

Translations in Technology

The technology sector is driven by relentless innovation and changes in a very competitive market. In order that technology companies may increase sales & market shares and acquire a competitive advantage they must look for growth opportunities on the international markets. We combine our experience and technical know-how to ensure that your content is well received by your international audience.

Translations in Tourism

Despite all the technological developments in the modern Tourism ecosystem, human experience continues to be a key factor in achieving success in the industry. Although technology will play a significant part, you need to attract potential customers in their native languages with a culturally correct approach.

Adapting language to Websites

The translation of your website and communication are a key condition for reaching your multi-lingual audience. According to industry statistics, Internet users are five times more likely to make purchases on websites that communicate in their native language. It is a well-known fact that automatic translation tools do not in any case provide the properly desired result.

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The three pillars of our success are QUALITY – IMMEDIACY – TRANSPARENCY
All of our associates sign a confidentiality agreement so that our customers feel secure and safe about the documents they have entrusted to us.

Our translations are equivalent to those produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The translations produced by the TSERTSIDIS firm are equivalent to those produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Many people are still unaware that the legal framework for translations has changed in recent years. Lack of information often causes great inconvenience for citizens, wastes time and sometimes with an unjustifiably high translation cost. The legislative framework for translations that are absolutely equivalent to those that are produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the public stipulates that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is no longer the solitary translation agency, but constitutes one of the legal bodies for processing. Refer to the relevant information.

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